Crick Fix

Crick Fix™ Smart Masseuse

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Trouble with neck pain after a long day? Feeling tense? The Crick Fix™ Smart Masseuse is one of the most innovative inventions for relieving pain. Being completely portable, you can take it wherever you want.The Crick Fix™ relieves stress and tension, and soothes discomfort at the source. It has 15 intensity modes, with 3 different massage modes up to your choosing. With pulses into your deep tissue, it promotes circulation more than a warm towel.

You can take the Crick Fix™ anywhere, being completely portable. Easy to charge with Micro-USB. Comes with a remote control to easily use without taking it off your neck.

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Package Includes:

1X Crick Fix™ Smart Masseuse

1X USB Charger

1X Remote Controller

1X User Manual